How we can work together

We work with charities, foundations and other mission-driven organisations to help them communicate about social issues in ways that will create positive progress.

This can take many forms, and we work in flexible, innovative ways to solve problems together. Our work is always grounded in evidence and we seek to be inclusive of different kinds of expertise. Here are a few examples of the types of projects we do.

Research projects

Together with our sister organisation, the FrameWorks Institute, we use robust, original qualitative and quantative research methods to dig beneath what people think to understand why they think it.

We start by uncovering the common mindsets that shape people’s thinking. From these insights we develop and test different framing strategies to arrive at concrete recommendations that will tap into more helpful ways of thinking.

We then support our partners so they can use our communications recommendations to shape the public conversation.

Communications projects

We use our extensive research base – built over the last 24 years – to create evidence-based tailored communications guides, run workshops, coach, and advise on how to frame your communications to achieve greater change.

At FrameWorks UK we specialise in applying framing in practical and creative ways, and mobilising communications strategies. It all starts with evidence, but it’s how we can harness that evidence together that really drives us.

This can range from working together to shift how a whole sector communicates, to services like FrameChecks, where we provide practical feedback and recommendations on how to frame your messaging, based on evidence.

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Changing the story

Our framing research has helped organisations and change-makers spark major shifts in public thinking.

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