About us

We’re a not-for-profit communications research organisation, and we work with charities, foundations and other mission-driven organisations, to communicate about social issues in ways that will create change.

We’re the sister organisation of the FrameWorks Institute in the US, which has been conducting framing research for more than 20 years. FrameWorks started working in the UK in 2012. And we established FrameWorks UK in 2021.

Our research reveals how people understand social issues – the mindsets or ‘mental shortcuts’ which guide their thinking. It tells us not just what they think, but why they think it. And we use this evidence to develop and test strategic communications to help create change.

We support our partners to make sure they can use our evidence-based recommendations to shape the public conversation – by developing practical tips and guidance, running interactive workshops, and more.

We know that when we change the story, we can change the world.

Our vision

Our collaborations result in better public conversations and, ultimately, better policies and practices and a more equitable society.

Our mission

We work with mission-driven organisations to create social change through framing research and support in using that research.

Our theory of change


FrameWorks UK theory of change diagram

Meet the team

We’re experts in framing theory and practice, with a range of experience spanning communications strategy – from policy to creative application.

Meet the team

What drives us

Everything we do comes down to evidence, collaboration and practical solutions. We mostly focus on issues concerning children, women and families, and the social drivers of health and wealth. But our work has also covered issues such as criminal justice reform and climate action.

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