Talking about vaccines

Webinar, Wednesday 24 July 2024

How do people think about vaccines in the UK? How does this drive, or deter, support? And what we can do differently to communicate about vaccines in ways which can increase uptake?

Those are the questions we’ll be exploring in our webinar on 24 July 2024.

We know that vaccines can save lives. We know that millions of people in the UK get vaccinated every year. And we know that some people don’t.

It may be easy to paint everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated as ’anti-vax’ but (spoiler alert) that’s not the whole story.

The way that we communicate about vaccines can impact how people think, feel and act when it comes to supporting vaccination programmes, and getting themselves and their families vaccinated.

To join us and find out more, register here: https://lnkd.in/eFwfSDsr

The content is based on FrameWorks UK research supported by the Wellcome Trust. Read the briefing on communicating about vaccination in the UK.